All well regulated governments have laid down and settled certain rules of propagation, as necessary to the very being of human society. Hence the solemnity of marriage was established, not only as it prevents lewdness, but as a regulation, without which there could be no distinction of families, and consequently no encouragement for industry, or foundation for acquiring riches; the children therefore that are born in these societies, and are to enjoy any privileges by the laws, must be such as are born according to their rules of copulation; for it is absurd that the laws should give sanction and privilege to things done contrary to the law, since that would take away the distinction of right and wrong, lawful and unlawful; and therefore-bastards by our law lie under several disabilities…

Mathew Bacon
Mathew Bacon,
circa 1700 - in or before 1757
New Abridgement of the Law, 7th ed., 1832, p.746.