For legislature, as was before observed, is the greatest act of superiority that can be exercised by one being over another. Wherefore it is requisite to the very essence of a law, that it be made by the supreme power.

Sovereignty and legislature are indeed convertible terms; one cannot subsist without the other…

Commentaries on the Laws of England Book the First, William Blackstone, 1758

In the youth and infancy of a nation it is a rare thing for the legislature to be called into action for the general reform of private law. The cry of the people is not for change in the laws, which are usually valued above their real worth, but solely for their pure, complete, and easy administration; and recourse to the legislative body is generally directed to the removal of some great abuse, or the decision of some incurable quarrel between classes and dynasties.

Ancient Law, Sir Henry James Sumner Maine

Wherefore legislative authority can never be ethical – must always be conventional merely.

The Right To Ignore The State, Herbert Spencer.